Mobile Workstation, Tethering & Accessories
15', 4K Display Mobile Workstation / 2TB SSD / 48GB RAM / Capture One Include 300лв.
Area51 Interupted Signal Tethered Cable Up to 20m.
Area51 Tether USB-C <-> USB-C 4.6m angled 20лв.
Area51 Tether USB-C <-> USB-C 9.5m 25лв.
Ecoflow Delta2 Battery Power 1KW Battery 1800-2400W Power (Surge 2700W) 155лв.
EcoFlow BiFacial Solar Panel 220W 60лв.
Color Critical Display Foto&Video / 27', 4K , BenQ PhotoView SW272U 180лв.
Monitor Calibration / Calibrite Display Plus HL 30лв.
Camera Calibration / Calibrite ColorChecker Passport Photo 2 15лв.
Heavy Duty Camera (Foto&Video) Tripod
Carbon Base up to 40kg., 75mm Bowl, Extender / Artcise AS95C Kit, 184-215sm. 100лв.
54mm Low Profile Heavy Duty Ball Head up to 35kg. / Artcise TB54 50лв.
Inovativ Voyager NXT36 Cart 100лв.
Inovativ Voyager NXT36 Tether Station 200лв.